Review: Grayline Iceland

I don’t really do reviews, not of companies, but I want to talk a bit about Grayline. (I need to add that this is not sponsored, although if you’re reading this, Grayline…) When I first went to Iceland in 2011, believing pretty much that the ground would split open inches from your feet on every… More Review: Grayline Iceland

Photoset: volcanoes

I love volcanoes so let’s have a look at some of them. These are all my photos but some volcanoes I’ve got up close and personal with and so I’ve added links to posts about those ones. You can read my post about my 31st birthday at Askja hereĀ and my 28th birthday at Askja here.… More Photoset: volcanoes

Photoset: Red

A lot of my photos are somewhere on the spectrum of blue-grey-green-brown-black-white so I decided that my next photoset would be red-themed. That was a mistake – I have very few red-themed photos but I’ve dragged a few out, mostly from Switzerland.

Christmas in Iceland

In a country surrounded by cold ocean, where the winter days are short and nights are long, Iceland has cultivated some Christmas traditions that aren’t shared by most of mainland Europe. First of all, common to a lot of the cold northern parts of the world, Iceland loves its Christmas lights and leaves them there… More Christmas in Iceland


For a most unseasonal winter – it’s astonishingly warm here after being so bitterly cold a few weeks ago – I have a little selection of snow pictures for your delectation.