I didn’t like Bucharest

When you travel, even part-time, you kind of feel like you have to be positive about everything. Everything has to be the most beautiful, the most amazing, the most awesome. Fortunately, that’s pretty easy because everything in Iceland is amazing and everything about north Norway is amazing and everything north of the Arctic Circle is… More I didn’t like Bucharest

Travellers vs tourists

This is a subject I’ve wanted to talk about for a while because as divides between fundamentally similar people go, this battle blows skiers vs snowboarders out of the water. Go and take a look at this link here. Go on. This is epitome of travellers vs tourists and shows very clearly that the artist… More Travellers vs tourists


In March 2011, I went to Lithuania. I went – of all stupid reasons – because I’d written the first draft of a silly spy novel (which never made it beyond the first draft) and set one scene there and now I wanted to see it for real. Telling people you’re going to Baltic former… More Vilnius