My overwhelming memory of my day out in Bregenz is how difficult it was to get there. This is a Year Abroad story. I was a student living for a year in French-speaking west Switzerland and it finally occurred to me the month before I left that there wasn’t actually any reason why I needed… More Bregenz

The Iron Ore Line: the train from Sweden to Norway

In March 2014, I went off on a whistlestop tour of Lapland; that is, I had about forty-eight hours in northern Sweden followed by about forty-eight hours in northern Norway, because I wanted to go to Lapland and for some reason, I was finding it difficult to access the more remote parts of northern Finland. I… More The Iron Ore Line: the train from Sweden to Norway

The Caledonian Sleeper

Having decided I was going to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe (hereafter called simply “Edinburgh”; sorry) this year, there came the subject of how to get there. It’s 430 miles, mostly on motorway and I bet there wouldn’t be anywhere to park, so that’s a no to driving. Last time, I flew, but I have emetophobic reasons… More The Caledonian Sleeper

The Great Train Adventure

It’s Saturday and I finally have time to tell this little story. As I mentioned, I was in Finland the other week. I flew into Helsinki on the Tuesday afternoon with the plan to take the train to Rovaniemi on the Arctic Circle on the Wednesday. So off I trundled with my little wheely suitcase… More The Great Train Adventure