Rauðfeldsgjá revisited

Backalong, I wrote a post about a canyon on Snæfellsnes called Rauðfeldsgjá. That post has become one of my workhorses – it’s consistently in my top five most-read posts every month, it’s my third most-read post of all time, it’s been linked on Reddit. People have read this post, despite the fact that for some reason… More Rauðfeldsgjá revisited

Photoset: Snæfellsnes

Snæfellsnes is a relatively quiet and peaceful part of Iceland. Every first-time tourist does the Blue Lagoon and the Golden Circle and a good proportion of them go along the south coast. But it’s a long day trip to do from Reykjavik so Snæfellsnes tends to be the preserve of the slightly more hardened tourist. I… More Photoset: Snæfellsnes

Rauðfeldar: one of Iceland’s better-kept secrets

Snæfellsnes, a peninsula sticking out of Iceland’s west coast, is well worth a visit, and indeed a blog post and I’ll write one at some point. It’s an escape from the often-frenetic pace of activities in Iceland, where you rush or are rushed from Blue Lagoon to Golden Circle to horse-riding to glaciers to scurries… More Rauðfeldar: one of Iceland’s better-kept secrets