Estonian chocolate

The battle of the chocolate continues. I’ve taste-tested Swedish Marabou and Finnish Karl Fazer. Now I’m trying Estonian Kalev. Kalev, as far as I can tell, is named after a character in the Kalevala, which is a Finnish national epic. Estonia seems to be trying to stake a claim on it though, what with the Kalev chocolate… More Estonian chocolate

Tallinn Old Town

Before I went to Estonia, I think my impression of it was some kind of utopia with a bad history of being stolen. Now I’m back, I’m not entirely sure that’s inaccurate. From what I’ve read, Estonia has only been independent for 30-40 out of the last 700 years, 24 of which are the last… More Tallinn Old Town

Estonia: my apartment

Last week I went to Estonia for what worked out to be little more than a long weekend – late-ish flight out on Thursday plus early flight home on Monday effectively shrank it from five days to three. And there are plenty of post coming on the subject of Estonia but the first, and most… More Estonia: my apartment