Eurocamping as an adult

When I was a kid and a teenager, I spent all of my summers on holiday with Keycamp – camping for people who don’t like camping, really. You arrive on a campsite to find your tent or caravan all ready for you to move in, fully equipped with plates and wine glasses and pillows and… More Eurocamping as an adult

The new tent

The new tent is here! It came astonishingly quickly – less than forty-eight hours between ordering online to it popping through the door. New kit is always exciting, even if it’s only a cheap tent. I have a one-man tent I take to Iceland every summer which has to be small enough to fit in… More The new tent

The quest for a new tent

This is my tent. It’s a Eurohike 225 TS which my grandad gave me for my fifteenth or sixteenth birthday, which makes it fourteen or fifteen years old. It’s in more or less perfect condition and up until a year ago, even the pegs were perfect. Last year, my idiot Rangers managed to mix their… More The quest for a new tent