Sparkle & Ice: it turns out winter camp is cold

Friday night was not optimal tent-pitching weather but there we were – me, three Rangers and four Guides, up to our ankles in mud, in pouring rain, putting up our tents in the dark. We’d arrived at 6pm at Girlguiding’s latest event, Sparkle & Ice, a winter survival camp happening simultaneously at three Training &… More Sparkle & Ice: it turns out winter camp is cold

The new tent

The new tent is here! It came astonishingly quickly – less than forty-eight hours between ordering online to it popping through the door. New kit is always exciting, even if it’s only a cheap tent. I have a one-man tent I take to Iceland every summer which has to be small enough to fit in… More The new tent

Camping in Iceland

If you’d asked me two weeks ago whether I like camping, I’d have said yes. I do, despite the catastrophic Ranger camp. But I haven’t enjoyed it so much in Iceland. I spent three nights camping in Egilsstaðir. It’s a nice little campsite – just a field, with electricity available if you should desire such a… More Camping in Iceland

Ranger Camp 2015

Before I tell you about camping in Iceland, let’s have a quick recap of Ranger camp the weekend before. We camped on Brownsea Island, which is idyllic but labour intensive. Thirty-five people require a lot of stuff. Every girl had a massive bag and a bedding roll, plus we had eleven tents, crates of food… More Ranger Camp 2015