My best souvenir: lava!

In mid-2014, a volcano in Iceland started rumbling. On August 29th 2014, I shrieked aloud in excitement in front of a dozen uninterested elderly ladies because it had finally started erupting. Well, the volcano hadn’t. But its magma was oozing out of a fissure not too far away. It oozed and poured and fountained for… More My best souvenir: lava!

My plans for 2018

This feels like such a lazy post to start a well-intentioned year. First and foremost, I want my blog views to keep increasing. I’m seeing people on Twitter saying “I want [x] monthly views and [y] monthly visitors” and I’d be screaming in excitement if I got 10% of that but – I have more readers… More My plans for 2018

I wrote a book!!

I told you about this earlier in the year but now it’s finished & published and you can buy it if you want (please do – it’s good, I promise!) It’s called Minus Twelve: An Arctic Adventure and it’s the story of my journey from Helsinki to Rovaniemi, to Kiruna, to Narvik, Harstad, up to… More I wrote a book!!

2017 in travel

I sat down this week and had a look at my travel statistics for 2017. 46 nights away from home 18 different beds 4 nights under canvas 5 nights in a campervan 7 countries 5 sovereign states (as permitted by Pointless) 4 different currencies spent 5 overnight trips to London 5 day/evening trips to London 3 visits to the London… More 2017 in travel

Photoset: my 2017 travels

I’ve been away six times this year – which isn’t bad for someone who’s working full time in two jobs, running three youth groups and has written a book this year (more on that later in the month). So December’s photoset is pictures from each trip, looking back at where I’ve been in 2017. Tromsø,… More Photoset: my 2017 travels

Simple travel scrapbooking

I like travelling. I like, in theory, scrapbooking. But when I look at other people’s pages, I just can’t figure out where they get the time, the embellishments and the imagination. I have an over-huge 12×12 scrapbook downstairs with a page, or occasional double-page spread, on interesting places I’ve been but they’re so so plain. I’ve… More Simple travel scrapbooking