Travel Q&A

When was the first time you went travelling on your own? It was April 2000 and I was fourteen. And I wasn’t on my own, I was in the company of another fourteen-year-old but we were without adults so it does count. We went to Italy for two weeks to take part in a Raptor… More Travel Q&A

June chat post

I can see people reading this blog so let’s see if people will talk to me. It’s been really hot in the UK recently so let’s have some heat-related questions to get the comments started. What’s the hottest place you’ve ever been? What’s your favourite thing to do to cool down in the heat? Have… More June chat post

Hengistbury Head

I’ve never been to Hengistbury Head. Always fancied it, never got round to it. When I did GCSE geography, there were six groups. Five of them went to Hengistbury Head and did something with measuring the beach. One group went to the local village and looked at land use by colouring in a map. Guess… More Hengistbury Head