Packing for Norway

I don’t like travelling with hand luggage only and I don’t have to do it too often but this trip to Norway is one of those times. It’s the price you pay for getting a direct flight to Tromsø from London – that and taking off at ten to six in the morning. I go on 22nd February… More Packing for Norway

Travel Plans 2017

I didn’t think I’d have many travel plans for 2017, given that I had no idea what state my employment would be in but it seems I’m ok for now. I celebrated being back at work part-time in November with a wee little trip to Tromsø later this month – at a cost of no… More Travel Plans 2017

Travel apps

When I travel, I sometimes take a tiny laptop of very little brain in order to blog and to kill long evenings – but only if I’ve got enough space in my luggage. But it’s the 21st century so I always take my phone and that has a few useful apps on it. Here’s a… More Travel apps