Fringe 101

First of all, thank you everyone for reading this blog. July has been amazing in terms of statistics. Without giving exact numbers, my views are up more than 35% on June and visitors up more than 53% which is incredible. Even better, views and visitors are up 108% and 148% respectively on January. So thank you, and… More Fringe 101

Hengistbury Head

I’ve never been to Hengistbury Head. Always fancied it, never got round to it. When I did GCSE geography, there were six groups. Five of them went to Hengistbury Head and did something with measuring the beach. One group went to the local village and looked at land use by colouring in a map. Guess… More Hengistbury Head

A weekend in Aberdeen

As I planned out my blog schedule backalong, I realised I’ve never talked about my little trip to Aberdeen in September 2013. Now I’ve tried writing it, I realise why. I have seventeen photos of the entire weekend, no “I aten’t dead” blog, no Facebook evidence that I ever went and very little memory of… More A weekend in Aberdeen

A few days in Carlisle

Back in 2009, I flew off to Carlisle for a few days – and when I say “flew”, I mean that I took the train. It’s quite a long way from Dorset (seven hours!) and even longer back because it was a Sunday and our beloved planned engineering works meant I had to make three… More A few days in Carlisle


Back in September, on the back of a bad summer at work and an issue at Guides, I ran off for a short weekend in Manchester and Liverpool. I took the direct train from Southampton – and it kind of astonishes me that there’s a direct train to Manchester from Southampton – first thing on… More Manchester

Swanage & Durlston

Today I’m in the UK and I have a travelling companion. This is Tom: We took advantage of a beautiful day during the Christmas holidays (the first Christmas holiday I’ve had in five years). Actually, we chose the date five days in advance and the fact that it was beautiful was just us being lucky. So… More Swanage & Durlston