Photoset: Tromsø 2017

It’s May and the sun is shining so when better for a photoset of some of my favourite pictures from Tromsø in February. Tromsø is easily the most photogenic place I’ve ever been and I put so many of them on Instagram for so long that I couldn’t imagine sharing this photoset in any shape other than… More Photoset: Tromsø 2017

Norway 2017: The Northern Lights are like women in fashion magazines

This post was originally going to be about the evils of (and I stand by that – never use them, they are evil) but now it’s not. Norway was simply too nice to waste an entire post on something as unpleasant as It wasn’t an auspicious start. I had to get up at… More Norway 2017: The Northern Lights are like women in fashion magazines

What is it about Svalbard?

This time last year, I was getting ready for my first ever trip to somewhere really and truly remote – Svalbard, a frozen archipelago separated from northermost mainland Europe by five hundred miles of Arctic Ocean. As a destination for travellers and tourists, Svalbard is developing a certain popularity – a popularity severely limited, for… More What is it about Svalbard?

The Hurtigruten

Ever since I first saw the Hurtigruten, Norway’s “Express Route” ferries-slash-cruise ships in Trondheim in May 2011, I’ve wanted to travel on them. However, boats and emetophobia don’t go all that well together and I’ve put it off. Until this December when for Reasons I very suddenly wanted to do it. I umm’d and ah’d… More The Hurtigruten