Photoset: my 2017 travels

I’ve been away six times this year – which isn’t bad for someone who’s working full time in two jobs, running three youth groups and has written a book this year (more on that later in the month). So December’s photoset is pictures from each trip, looking back at where I’ve been in 2017. Tromsø,… More Photoset: my 2017 travels

Simple travel scrapbooking

I like travelling. I like, in theory, scrapbooking. But when I look at other people’s pages, I just can’t figure out where they get the time, the embellishments and the imagination. I have an over-huge 12×12 scrapbook downstairs with a page, or occasional double-page spread, on interesting places I’ve been but they’re so so plain. I’ve… More Simple travel scrapbooking


In March 2011, I went to Lithuania. I went – of all stupid reasons – because I’d written the first draft of a silly spy novel (which never made it beyond the first draft) and set one scene there and now I wanted to see it for real. Telling people you’re going to Baltic former… More Vilnius

Tallinn Old Town

Before I went to Estonia, I think my impression of it was some kind of utopia with a bad history of being stolen. Now I’m back, I’m not entirely sure that’s inaccurate. From what I’ve read, Estonia has only been independent for 30-40 out of the last 700 years, 24 of which are the last… More Tallinn Old Town

Estonia: my apartment

Last week I went to Estonia for what worked out to be little more than a long weekend – late-ish flight out on Thursday plus early flight home on Monday effectively shrank it from five days to three. And there are plenty of post coming on the subject of Estonia but the first, and most… More Estonia: my apartment

Lithuania 2011

In honour of the fact that I’m going to Estonia next week, it’s time to tell you about my first trip to the Baltics, back in March 2011. It was one of those “dart in a map” things, technically (not a literal dart in a literal map but somewhere chosen randomly because it existed and… More Lithuania 2011