Hengistbury Head

I’ve never been to Hengistbury Head. Always fancied it, never got round to it. When I did GCSE geography, there were six groups. Five of them went to Hengistbury Head and did something with measuring the beach. One group went to the local village and looked at land use by colouring in a map. Guess… More Hengistbury Head

Russia 2002

Today’s blog is – finally – on the subject of a school trip I went on when I was sixteen – to Russia. How I got on it, I don’t know because it was an A Level History trip and I dropped History before GCSE (had it been less to do with modern warfare and… More Russia 2002


My overwhelming memory of my day out in Bregenz is how difficult it was to get there. This is a Year Abroad story. I was a student living for a year in French-speaking west Switzerland and it finally occurred to me the month before I left that there wasn’t actually any reason why I needed… More Bregenz