Behind the scenes at a national Brownie event

You pick up a lot of skills as a Guide leader. Team work, leadership skills, First Aid, various outdoors abilities, admin, improvisation, children skills, public singing – and event planning. I was involved in my biggest event yet last weekend. I’ve planned multiple district events for 50-100 people, some of them all on my own… More Behind the scenes at a national Brownie event

Robin Hood camp

Last weekend was a busy one. I spent Friday at Teddy Rocks, a music festival that started life in 2011 as a one-off gig in a pub to raise money for children’s cancer and is now a three day event in a field, headlined by Twin Atlantic, Modestep and Scouting for Girls and this year… More Robin Hood camp

Sparkle & Ice: it turns out winter camp is cold

Friday night was not optimal tent-pitching weather but there we were – me, three Rangers and four Guides, up to our ankles in mud, in pouring rain, putting up our tents in the dark. We’d arrived at 6pm at Girlguiding’s latest event, Sparkle & Ice, a winter survival camp happening simultaneously at three Training &… More Sparkle & Ice: it turns out winter camp is cold

We went ice skating!

This week, I took my Rangers ice skating. It’s one of the things Girlguiding should be about – oh, not necessarily taking them ice skating, but doing fun things, having new opportunities and trying new activities. We spend far too much time in the meeting room where the girls are more interested in Snapchatting each… More We went ice skating!

Dartmoor: sun & rain

I’ve gained a couple of new badges for my camp blanket. First, there was this one: This one came in the post from Laura at Look Wider – You Could Miss Something, nearly two weeks ago and I haven’t had the time to even acknowledge that it’s arrived – it’s here and it’s on my… More Dartmoor: sun & rain