Sailing in a storm

Growing up with reasonably good access to Poole Harbour (the second biggest natural harbour in the world, you know, albeit with an average depth of just 48cm), it took until I was at university to realise what a waste it was never to have used it, and then the best part of another decade to… More Sailing in a storm

Level 2 sailing weekend

In October, I did my Level 1 sailing certificate. When the winter was over and the centre was open again (ie last weekend), I did my Level 2. Five and a half months with no practice wasn’t very helpful but my biggest obstacle of the weekend was that the dinghy, a 16’ Wayfarer, was rigged… More Level 2 sailing weekend

A Bear in a Boat: RYA Level One beginner’s sailing course

My latest adventure was a RYA Level 1 course – that is, a sailing course for an absolute beginner and this time I really am an absolute beginner. I finished my climbing course on Friday night and first thing on Saturday morning, I was heading down to the harbour. I’ve lived within half an hour’s… More A Bear in a Boat: RYA Level One beginner’s sailing course

Mývatn Nature Baths

It’s lunchtime on my thirtieth birthday and I am scurrying down wet slippery wooden steps in a cloud of sulphur, barefoot and shivering. Today I’m spending the afternoon in the Mývatn Nature Baths. The Nature Baths are the smaller, less famous cousin of the Blue Lagoon in the south west of Iceland, situated an hour… More Mývatn Nature Baths

The Blue Lagoon

If you go to Iceland, you will hear two things about the Blue Lagoon. You will hear it derided as expensive and touristy and you will hear it lauded as amazing. Both of these things are true. Lots of people talk about the Blue Lagoon but this is a post with all the details that… More The Blue Lagoon

Motivating myself to swim

Tonight I went swimming. Well, “tonight” means Friday night, which is when I’m writing this but it won’t actually be published until Sunday. I swam fairly regularly for a while but I haven’t been since February – possibly haven’t been since I did my lengths in Laugardalslaug’s warm Olympic-size outdoor pool. But I know I’m… More Motivating myself to swim