Dartmoor: sun & rain

I’ve gained a couple of new badges for my camp blanket. First, there was this one: This one came in the post from Laura at Look Wider – You Could Miss Something, nearly two weeks ago and I haven’t had the time to even acknowledge that it’s arrived – it’s here and it’s on my… More Dartmoor: sun & rain

South West Coast Path: chunk 1 – South Haven Point to Swanage

I’ve lived in Dorset all my life and I’ve spent a reasonable amount of time scrambling around the clifftops, ever since I was introduced to them on the school trip to Leeson House in 1996 (this trip is mandatory for every single schoolchild in Dorset, apparently). In 2014, it finally dawned on me that the… More South West Coast Path: chunk 1 – South Haven Point to Swanage


I like to climb a mountain when I’m in Iceland in the summer and although, technically, that didn’t really happen this year (I was kind of slightly really ill the whole time and just didn’t have the energy; plus, there aren’t that many handy climbable mountains in the east), I did find a nice waterfall… More Hengifoss


Back to the travel, back to Iceland and today I’m taking you to one of my favourite corners, Landmannalaugar, which is pronounced more or less how it looks, except that “au” which sounds a bit like you started saying “oi” and finishing saying “eye”. We don’t have an equivalent sound in English but it’s a… More Landmannalaugar