I like to climb a mountain when I’m in Iceland in the summer and although, technically, that didn’t really happen this year (I was kind of slightly really ill the whole time and just didn’t have the energy; plus, there aren’t that many handy climbable mountains in the east), I did find a nice waterfall… More Hengifoss

The Volcano Adventures – Inside the Volcano: Þríhnúkagígur

I’ve talked recently about climbing a couple of volcanoes – Esja and Laki – and I’m not out of volcano adventures just yet. Today I’m going inside one. Þríhnúkagígur – that first Þ is a “th” and its name means “Three Peaks Crater” (Þríh – three, núka – peaks, gígur – crater) – is a dormant or extinct volcano… More The Volcano Adventures – Inside the Volcano: Þríhnúkagígur


Þórsmörk – Thorsmork in English letters, Thor’s Woodland – is a little green oasis in the south of Iceland, hemmed in by three glaciers. In the middle of the mountains and grey desert and gravel floodplains, there is a patch of trees and grass, a little bit of paradise where you can camp and hike.… More Þórsmörk