Simple travel scrapbooking

I like travelling. I like, in theory, scrapbooking. But when I look at other people’s pages, I just can’t figure out where they get the time, the embellishments and the imagination. I have an over-huge 12×12 scrapbook downstairs with a page, or occasional double-page spread, on interesting places I’ve been but they’re so so plain. I’ve… More Simple travel scrapbooking

Scrapbooking on the road

I spent a couple of months earlier in the year unemployed and during that time, I got a bit into scrapbooking. I’d owned a scrapbook for at least five years and finally, I not only filled it, I had to order two sets of additional page protectors. I also discovered “scrapbooking on the road”. It’s… More Scrapbooking on the road