Juliet Frost (a polar bear in human form)
 A blog about travel, adventures and the frozen north

By day, I work in an office analysing data, applying for West African visas and wrestling with unwieldy Crystal reports and finding out how many fridges there are in fifty countries. By night, I’m a Brownie and Ranger leader. During my precious holiday hours I’m an intrepid explorer of anywhere I can get to within the time and financial constraints, so I’m pretty much restricted to Europe at the moment. I really like northern Europe, especially Iceland and I have vague plans (which will probably never come about) to make a visit over there permanent sometime in the next ten years. I’m a polar bear by nature; I get on ok in the cold and I don’t cope well with excessive heat.

I really like volcanoes (I wish I’d known this when I was a teenager, applying for courses that were meant to shape my life). I was a caver in a past life, so I love sedimentary rocks as well as the igneous and metamorphic varieties, and if I get a chance to go under the ground, I’ll still rip your hand off for it. If I was an inhabitant of Middle Earth, I’d definitely be a dwarf.

I do talk quite a bit about my Brownies and Rangers. It’s important to me because it’s where so many girls get their first, and sometimes only, taste of adventure and the outdoors. I like that I now get to be the person who gives them those opportunities.

When I’m not working, guiding or travelling, I’m a big fan of stand-up comedy and that occasionally takes me to places I wouldn’t otherwise go to. I like to read and write and spend several hours in the bath at the time.

If you want to get in touch, go to my contact page for all the methods you could possibly desire.

Last trip: Latvia 2017
Next trip: Nothing planned at the moment!

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    1. It’s not as bad as it sounds – I exported it lock stock and barrel from the old account and imported it into the new one, so that was fine, and then because people only read the new stuff and not the old stuff, I can just repost the old stuff so I don’t even have to write much at the moment. It’s not so bad.

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  2. I am glad that people speak many languages. I have no degree of any languages, but it does not prevent me make my blogs in four languages. 🙂

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