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I carried my own body weight in plugs and wires for years. Every year I seemed to have something else to take everywhere, with a chunky cable and a good old British plug, which is easily four times the size of any other plug on the planet. I took as many plug adaptors as I could find – never many, because they vanish to the same fae hidden place as scissors when you’re not using them, until I realised that wherever you’re staying, there’s never more than two plugs and there’s a good chance you can’t get at one of them. So I added a multiway adaptor so I could plug in four things to one socket. And this worked well, except that it was a relatively huge amount to carry.

In early 2017, I went to Ikea for the first time in a long time. In their electronic/lighting department they had a miracle – a single British plug with three USB sockets in it. And by now, the majority of my items used USB charging rather than a moulded chunky plug. It was a miracle.

3 USB British plug

But even more of a miracle was finding Ikea in Iceland, all of two miles from where I dropped off my campervan. I was in and out with what I wanted in under fifteen minutes which, let me tell you, must be either a miracle or a world record. I now possessed a three-USB charger with European prongs on it, saving me having to carry an adaptor. It’s not how I would have designed it but it did the job – and did it well. For the first time since mobile phones existed, I could carry all the electronics I needed for a week in my tiniest packing cube.

3 USB European plug

Travel electronics packed in a cube

It’s not exciting but it was quite life-changing for me and in the unlikely event you haven’t found multi-USB plugs yet, get ye to Ikea.

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