I wrote a book!!

Minus Twelve front cover

I told you about this earlier in the year but now it’s finished & published and you can buy it if you want (please do – it’s good, I promise!)

It’s called Minus Twelve: An Arctic Adventure and it’s the story of my journey from Helsinki to Rovaniemi, to Kiruna, to Narvik, Harstad, up to Svalbard and then Iceland. It’s winter, it’s cold, it’s beautiful. I travelled by train and plane and boat and bus and dogsled.

I spent two years writing it because people kept telling me “you should write a book!” So I did. And then they were excited. But they didn’t buy it and didn’t read it so now it comes to you.

It’s 2018 on Monday. Are you making a New Year’s Resolution to read more books? Do you want to resolve to support independent writers, artists, creatives etc? Well, this is just for you.

Minus Twelve is self-published, I admit. I did my research and my conclusion is that there’s no money in the travel literature industry so unless you’re bringing a large ready-made audience with you, you’re not going to get published. So I went ahead on my own. My dreams are not big but if eight of you buy it, I’ve already won.

You can buy it here on Lulu. I could put it on Amazon but Amazon will give me six British pennies per copy sold, so no-brainer not to bother with that right now.

Buy Minus Twelve: An Arctic Adventure here

(Exclusive – I’ve started on my second book and today I came up with the perfect title, although we’ll see if I still love it this time next year.)

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