2017 in travel

I sat down this week and had a look at my travel statistics for 2017.

46 nights away from home
18 different beds
nights under canvas
5 nights in a campervan
sovereign states (as permitted by Pointless)
4 different currencies spent
overnight trips to London
5 day/evening trips to London
3 visits to the London offices
Girlguiding trips away
3 Northern Lights sightings
11 flights
5 airlines
0 upgrades
13,280 miles flown
4,740 miles on land
18,020 miles total
volcanoes climbed
pools sampled
6 outdoor pools
languages encountered
7 capital cities visited
1 music festival
comedy festivals
plays seen
2061m highest altitude reached (not in a plane)
archery sessions taught
21 trains
international trains
times horribly lost getting home from Gatwick
1 pair of shoes disintegrated on my feet walking around London
Bronze awards received
Silver award registered for and begun
new job started
blood test & ECG survived
book published

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