Bog-squelching in Wales

Last weekend I went on a Level 3 walking weekend in South Wales with my Girlguiding region. Level 3, in our terms, is a bit above Mountain Training’s Hill & Moorland Leader but a little below full Mountain Leader. I am not a Level 3 walker. When I walk – which hasn’t been recently –… More Bog-squelching in Wales

“You’re so brave!” and how I’m *not*

If you’re female, in your early-to-mid twenties, have a penchant for solo travel and work with half a dozen Good and Proper Married Women, you’re probably going to hear “you’re so brave!” any time you suggest going anywhere that’s not an all-inclusive family resort in Spain and France. That’s the politest way I can describe… More “You’re so brave!” and how I’m *not*