Photoset: Iceland 2017

Iceland was a bit damp and a bit chilly but sometimes that meant it looked good. So without further ado:

This statue very obviously felt the same about the rain as I did.

Travel bloggers always seem to have photos of themselves from behind. I don’t have anyone to take that kind of picture of me but I found a handy rock to balance my camera on in the Blue Lagoon and set the timer.

Leifur Eiríksson and Hallgrímskirkja from a surprisingly dramatic angle.

I always go to Tjörnin to see the birds. It’s such a noisy yet tranquil corner of Reykjavik.

Mostly I took videos at Geysir this year but I did get this photo of on of the pools simmering with many colours.

This, I think, is Iceland’s ultimate monster monster truck. 8×8, a truck on the front, a coach on the back and a military missile carrier underneath.

In all the times I’ve visited Þingvellir I’ve never actually been up to see Öxarárfoss, which is allegedly where the Vikings diverted the river to better supply water to their Parliament.

1) This shows how over-touristed Þingvellir has become. 2) It shows how wet the weather was, that there was a huge, bright double rainbow.

This is the view from the campsite at Borgarnes and I’m still angry the service buildings were locked and I couldn’t stay there.

Autumn colours in the drizzle at Barnafoss.

Autumn colours two minutes east along the river at Hraunfossar, one of my favourite waterfalls because of the way the water just pours out of the bank.

A waterfall on Snæfellsnes I’ve driven past several times without ever seeing. This is Bjarnarfoss.

You always have to take this photo of Arnarstapi from this angle. On a clearer day, Snæfellsjökull appears to the right of Stapafell.

They say Iceland looks otherworldly and maybe they have a point. This is lava patterns on the lower flanks of Snæfellsjökull.

There’s a visitor centre between Arnarstapi and Djúpalónssandur. I don’t know the name of the place because it’s signposted and labelled on maps Gestastofs, which I’m pretty sure is Icelandic for “visitor centre”. But it has a good bit of stormy Atlantic even on a relatively calm day.

The black beach at Djúpalónssandur with some of the wreckage from the Grimsby trawler Epine.

Sunset over Snæfellsnes.

Northern Lights over Akranes, with sunset and not quite yet black sky. I love the colours in this one.

It looks like a trick of the light but this is the confluence of a lovely blue river with a muddy grey-blue glacial one and you can see exactly where the two meet.

If you can figure out how to cross this (cold!) river, not via the very rickety unprotected log, this is the start of the hike up into the mountains at Hveragerði in search of the famous hot river.

Sunshine! Blue sky! Reykjavik pretending not to be a city!

The Sun Voyager at twilight and just a hint of Esja, my Icelandic wife, on the horizon.

Beautiful sunset from the plane on the way home.