24 facts about me!

Today’s blog is not about travel or adventures. It’s about me, because I know you want to learn twenty-four random facts about me! In real life, I’m a business development administrator two days a week and a statistical researcher two other days. This means I know things like how many boats there are in the… More 24 facts about me!

Year Abroad: Appenzell

Appenzell is a lovely little corner of Switzerland, virtually untouched by the 21st century. It’s farming country, full of rolling hills and moo-cows and villages made of traditional wooden houses. In Switzerland, voting is taken seriously and done canton by canton and Appenzell Innerrhoden, one of the two Appenzell half-cantons stills vote in the traditional… More Year Abroad: Appenzell

DofE – as an adult!

Something very exciting happened two weeks ago. My Bronze DofE badge and certificate arrived in the post! For anyone who hasn’t encountered DofE, it’s the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, done in three levels (Bronze, Silver & Gold) and stereotypically involves two to five days of walking in the rain over inhospitable territory like Dartmoor. The… More DofE – as an adult!