Year Abroad: Rigi

Rigi is a place I missed during my year abroad but I made it up there when I returned in October for my resits. Yes, I failed my exams and had to resit (and to be honest, I failed the resits too, which is why I was able to run off to mountains when the… More Year Abroad: Rigi

A few days in Carlisle

Back in 2009, I flew off to Carlisle for a few days – and when I say “flew”, I mean that I took the train. It’s quite a long way from Dorset (seven hours!) and even longer back because it was a Sunday and our beloved planned engineering works meant I had to make three… More A few days in Carlisle

Packing for Norway

I don’t like travelling with hand luggage only and I don’t have to do it too often but this trip to Norway is one of those times. It’s the price you pay for getting a direct flight to Tromsø from London – that and taking off at ten to six in the morning. I go on 22nd February… More Packing for Norway