Photoset: Red

A lot of my photos are somewhere on the spectrum of blue-grey-green-brown-black-white so I decided that my next photoset would be red-themed. That was a mistake – I have very few red-themed photos but I’ve dragged a few out, mostly from Switzerland.

A hot air balloon at the Chateau d’Œx Balloon Festival 2006
Literally frozen after a day’s sledding
A fish processing plant on the Reykjanes peninsula
The bus I took from Reykjavik to Skaftafell in 2013
Icelandic camper vans are always interesting decorated… not sure what the thought process was here
Appenzell-St-Gallen 103.jpg
An early selfie on the train back from St Gallen in 2006
Bregenz 052.jpg
This looks like industrial toxic waste but this is in fact the 2006 set for the annual opera at the Bregenz Festival
Last few days 047.jpg
I lived opposite the Neuchâtel Pourtalès Hospital and a couple of times a week, I saw the air ambulance arrive
Last few days 160.jpg
The train from Vitznau up to the summit of Rigi
The lighthouse at Stykkishólmur
Following the 2008 financial crash, Akureyri has tried cheer people up by putting hearts anywhere a heart can be put
Rune-boulders at Eskifjörður
A guide shows off crystal-clear glacier ice at Jökulsárlón
A borehole at the Krafla Geothermal Power Plant
My hire car at a nice piece of north Icelandic scenery
The leisure centre (and fantastic pool!) at Borgarnes
Pedalo 117.jpg
Me looking as brown as I ever get on a pedalo on Lake Neuchâtel