Useful travel items: the pouch

It’s difficult to write much about this particular Useful Travel Item but it is so very useful!

For a few years, I owned an A5 plastic ziplock wallet. In that, I kept my important documentation – my passport, my flight confirmation, my accommodation confirmations and the paperwork for any tours I had scheduled, bus tickets I’d need to not lose until the last day of the trip etc. Just paperwork. My parents adopted this habit.


The plastic wallets were great – but they did have a tendency to split along the zip. But for Christmas last year, my mum gave me this travel pouch (I have the Large). Basically, it’s an upgrade to the plastic wallet. It’s a bit bigger, made of canvas and lined in black. It doesn’t split open and it’s very easy to find in my bag because it feels different from everything else.


I also have a personalised travel and adventure journal which lives inside the pouch. I don’t use it as a journal but I do use it to write down my itinerary – every trip has a new page, with the dates and times and flight details and any tours I have planned, any other notes I need to make.

As well as the notebook, my passport and the other paperwork, I keep a handful of cards in there – instead of tearing a scrap of paper out of something or looking for a phone with a mostly-dead battery, I like to be able to just hand over a card with my name, email and phone number on it to new friends. And of course, there’s a couple of pens. It’s a very roomy pouch.

It’s such a simple thing it hardly feels worth trying to write a post about it but it’s also so important – it’s one thing I cannot leave home without.