Travel Plans 2017

I didn’t think I’d have many travel plans for 2017, given that I had no idea what state my employment would be in but it seems I’m ok for now.

I celebrated being back at work part-time in November with a wee little trip to Tromsø later this month – at a cost of no hold luggage and departing at ouch o’clock in the morning, I could get a direct flight out for £40 and Tromsø has a lovely looking hostel on the hill for not much at all and it’s only three nights. I’m very excited. I’ve been wanting to start packing since before Christmas.

Next, I have a caravan holiday a little north of Paris with my sister in May. I wanted a safari tent but she wants her own bathroom so caravan it is. It’s a Eurocamp holiday  so it’s basically a little tin chalet, with real plumbing and real electricity and I’m excited about that, particularly buying fresh bread in the morning and eating it for breakfast outside in the sun. I’ll do a post on childhood/teenage holidays of that type at some point.

Third, I’m going to Edinburgh with Tom, who you may remember from this post. Now, Tom lives 230 miles from me so we won’t be travelling together and we’ll be staying on different sides of Edinburgh – three-quarters of a mile apart by foot – because we’re both kind of not fans of room-sharing but we’ll go out and play together during the day and I’m looking forward to that as well.

Fourth, I’m going to London next weekend  although by the time this post is published, I’ll have been back for a week.

Guiding-wise, I’ve got a big national winter camp coming up at the beginning of February and a trip to our local WAGGGS World Centre – that’s Pax Lodge, the London one – for the World Thinking Day Weekend and our unit’s small licence-gaining camp in July. I’m stressed out of my mind about the winter camp and I’m really excited about Word Thinking Day.

I don’t have any other immediate plans. I really want to go to Greenland in June or July but that’s out of my price range, so if you want to sponsor me, please get in touch 🙂 Canterbury in the autumn, maybe. And if I can get to Iceland next December, I will. I’ve missed the Icelandic winter a lot – haven’t seen it for nearly two years!