Swedish vs Swiss chocolate

You people seem to like the international chocolate tests so I’ve got a good one today. The fabulous Swedish Marabou vs the legendary Swiss Lindt.

My bar of Lindt is a bar of pretty standard Excellence Extra Creamy 100g vs Marabou Milk Chocolate 250g, so the Lindt looks pretty insubstantial next to the Marabou, which is two and a half times its size. Sorry about that. I can only get Swedish chocolate at Ikea at home.


Marabou comes in this lovely gold plastic wrapper, Lindt in a blue and white card box and inside is a silver foil stamped with Lindt logos, and the foil is sealed rather than simply folded, which is nice. I don’t think it’s all that protective, though – the top line of chocolate inside has broken off.


Lindt is slightly richer in colour, slightly redder, although you’d hardly notice if you weren’t examining it so closely. It’s also about a third, probably less, the thickness of the Marabou – thin, crackable chocolate seems to be a thing in Switzerland. There was a chocolate shop in Neuchâtel that sold wafer thin slices of chocolate like that.



So the important bit – the taste. I have loved Marabou but it’s revolting in comparison with the creamy Lindt. I’d forgotten how good Lindt was. I haven’t eaten it in a decade because I didn’t believe it was any better than the fantastic supermarket-brand chocolates you could get in Switzerland. Next time I’m there, I’m definitely getting a handful for comparison. The way the Lindt cracks, compared to the way you have to chew through the Marabou. And Marabou is rich and creamy and amazing and I love it, so you can only imagine how good the Lindt is.


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