For a most unseasonal winter – it’s astonishingly warm here after being so bitterly cold a few weeks ago – I have a little selection of snow pictures for your delectation.

Tromso mountains in the snow
The view across snow-covered mountains as the sun began to set, an hour or so south of Tromso on the Hurtigruten.
Longyearbyen in the snow
Dawn almost breaks over Longyearbyen at 10am in November, in the middle of the long dark Polar Night.
I take to the skies with my snowboarding instructor, paragliding off the Penken in Mayrhofen during the Altitude Comedy Festival.
sled dog in the snow in Svalbard
Fenris, a very fluffy Greenland sled dog, poses for a photo outside his kennel in Svalbard during the Polar Night.
blue mountains
The road into the Blue Mountains, barely distinguishable from the mountains themselves in the thick snow, stretches away into the huge white wilderness.
sunrise over finnsnes
As we approach Finnsnes by Hurtigruten, the first light of dawn dyes the snowy mountains pink.
landmannalaugar in the snow
The Highlands of Iceland turn monochrome under their thick coat of winter snow.
northern lights on Kvaloya
The Northern Lights shine over base camp of wooden lavvus on Kvaloya in Norway.
The sky is bright blue over perfect gleaming white snow on Narvikfjellet.
skogafoss in the snow
Skogafoss in the snow.
reindeer in the snow
I meet Guttorm, the lead reindeer, at a Sami camp near Tromso
Frost in Rovaniemi
Ice crystals on a fence post in frozen Rovaniemi
Snow in Kiruna
Ice sculptures in the snow fields of Kiruna, with the colossal iron ore mine visible in the background.
I pretend I know how to snowboard in Mayrhofen at the Altitude Comedy Festival.
reykjavik in the snow
Reykjavik celebrates the winter with twinkling lights in snow-touched trees.
3am snowstorm
A snowstorm outside my hotel window at 3am
skier in narvik
A skier glides down Narvikfjellet
Leiðarendi in the snow
I emerge triumphant from the Leiðarendi lava tube cave.
Snow near Tromso
Midnight, white snow and just a hint of Northern Lights near Tromso
Rovaniemi river
The river at Rovaniemi is frozen semi-solid by October.