2016 review

On a general, global scale, the world has acknowledged that 2016 has been… not one of our better years. What with celebrity deaths, presidential elections, EU referenda, wars, atrocities and the ongoing existence of Nigel Farage, the big picture has not been pretty. And the small picture – my life? There have been highlights. There… More 2016 review

Blog: 30/12/16

I had to buy new boots today – mine, at eighteen months old, have a big hole in the toe. I got the new boots eventually (it turns out that when you request a pair in a particular size, they’re not in the mysterious storage room, they’re just stacked around the footwear area and it’s… More Blog: 30/12/16

A blog within a blog?

Yes, this is a blog within a blog. For when I want to witter on about something that doesn’t really merit its own post but is going to have one anyway. A sort of diary – which is what a blog originally was, more or less.

Christmas haul 2016

I’m not sure that I’m a person who does “haul” posts. Just the word “haul” is making me cringe. But having got into YouTube in the last six months or so, it does seem to be A Thing to do haul videos every couple of months. But I can’t do videos and I definitely can’t… More Christmas haul 2016

Christmas in Iceland

In a country surrounded by cold ocean, where the winter days are short and nights are long, Iceland has cultivated some Christmas traditions that aren’t shared by most of mainland Europe. First of all, common to a lot of the cold northern parts of the world, Iceland loves its Christmas lights and leaves them there… More Christmas in Iceland


For a most unseasonal winter – it’s astonishingly warm here after being so bitterly cold a few weeks ago – I have a little selection of snow pictures for your delectation.

We went ice skating!

This week, I took my Rangers ice skating. It’s one of the things Girlguiding should be about – oh, not necessarily taking them ice skating, but doing fun things, having new opportunities and trying new activities. We spend far too much time in the meeting room where the girls are more interested in Snapchatting each… More We went ice skating!