The Great Water Bottle test

These were all bought by me with my own money on my own initiative. I have been given none of them and all opinions are entirely my own. I’m also not going to give you links to buy them because why do I get to recommend one shop/site over another? Google them if you want one of them, you can get them from all over the place for all sorts of prices.

I am a terrible person for buying water bottles. I just like them! And it’s not a bad thing to keep buying things if they’re useful, right?

I have collected a few water bottles over the years – too many water bottles, according to my mother. So let’s get them all out and have a look through them.

From left to right:

Sigg Classic Traveller in 1 litre dark blue.

The Sigg is the daddy of waterbottles. Do you want a bottle that’s going to last longer than you? Then pick a Sigg. I was determined that mine was going to be the first ever to not get dented and battered and of course, it did. The more battered the Sigg, the more life it’s had along the way. There’s also a huge range of accessories available to make sure it stays in great condition – Sigg is the only company I know of that makes its own bottle cleaning tablets for example. The only real downside to the Sigg is that after a little while, unscrewing the cap starts to make an unholy nails-on-a-blackboard noise.

Lakeland bottle 500ml in red.

I was so taken with my Sigg that I decided I wanted another metal bottle when I spotted this one in Lakeland. They don’t sell them anymore but they don’t half look like the S’well bottle that Buzzfeed claims are sold in every hipster shop. I’ve never seen them myself but Google tells me they date back to 2010. Mine pre-dates that so it’s definitely not a S’well but it looks a lot like them and it’s a pretty good bottle, much slimmer and more elegant than the bombproof Sigg and it doesn’t squeal when you open it. However, the cap extends an inch down into the neck, so if you overfill it, it’ll do an Archimedes when you try to put the top on.

Vapur Anti-bottle Reflex 500ml in purple

I love these bottles! These are my water bottles of choice at the moment because they weigh nothing and you can roll them up when they’re empty and they don’t take up any space. The seal on my first one packed up but I think that must have been a faulty one because I’ve had the purple one for years with no problems. The 500ml is a great size because you can shove it in a coat pocket and the more you drink, the more easily it fits. I liked it so much that I bought a few other sizes.

Source Liquitainer 1 litre + 2 litre

Looking at their website, just like literally every other bottle I own, I bought mine before they introduced interesting colours and patterns. Vapur didn’t at the time make larger bottles so I bought my 1 and 2 litre collapsible bottles in plain blue from Source. They’re exactly like the 500ml but bigger, so they have to go in bags rather than pockets when they’re full. The 1 litre is good for a day’s walking and the 2 litre is good for when you’re going to be really thirsty or you’re not going to be able to get to a drinking source, eg when I spent 24 hours on Shetland in the wilds of Loch Spiggie.

Camelbak Chute Svalbard Edition 600ml in red

I didn’t set out to buy another water bottle but I was in one of Longyearbyen’s many outdoors shops, looking aimlessly at arctic jackets I can’t afford to buy when I spied a shelf of Camelbak bottles in all shapes, sizes, colours and styles, all with this Svalbard logo on them. Well, how could I resist? I’m very fond of this bottle but it does leak, as I discovered that very night by filling it with blackcurrant squash and leaving it on white hotel bedding. It’s fine as long as it’s upright, so it’s ok in a bag in an outer water bottle pocket but I don’t like having to worry about making sure the bag is upright in the car on the way to wherever I’m taking it. On the upside, the lid is literally attached to the bottle so it’s impossible to lose and the cap should click into the handle so it’s out of your way. In practice, it’s a pain to force it in, so I rarely bother. Since I worry about keeping it upright, I mostly use this bottle around the house – when I want a drink in the bath, when I want to take a drink to bed etc.

Girlguiding South West England Senior Section Spectacular at Alton Towers event water bottle 500ml

Or to quote Casey, “the event bottles are those bottles you like!” Yay, another little collapsible bottle but this time in orange – my favourite colour! – with SWE’s Senior Section Spectacular octopus logo on it. There’s nothing else to say about this that hasn’t been said about the other collapsible bottles.

Lifeventure Thermal Mug 300ml in matt red

These are called “mugs” but as far as I’m concerned, it’s a flask. I’m not a big drinker of hot drinks so 300ml is generally more than enough for me. Again, the seal went on my first one but I now have two of them – matt red and matt black – and they’re both absolutely leakproof. The best endorsement I can give of these is that one Icelandic winter, my landlady filled it up with hot chocolate at about 6am, before a big day out in the ice and snow and it was still uncomfortably hot when I drank it at about 2pm although I must admit, the flask was wearing its matching thermal jacket. These mugs come in lots of different colours and in either matt or gloss finish although individual shops tend to have their favourite colours that they stock.