Juliet’s Culinary Adventures: flapjacks

So here we are again with one of my very rare baking posts. I don’t really bake. It’s not my thing, I can’t do it, I generally find it stressful. But I can make flapjacks. We did it at Brownies last term for our Cook badge – every girl had a small orange bowl and she mixed her own flapjack in it and then we mixed them all together in a tray at the end. And I’m off to Dartmoor this weekend for a joint region leisure weekend and I’ll need something to nibble as I walk, so I thought some nice sickly sweet flapjack would be just the job.

This is hardly a groundbreaking recipe. 125g each of butter and brown sugar and two or three tablespoons of golden syrup, depending on how gooey you want the flapjacks to come out.

Flapjack ingredients: butter, brown sugar, golden syrup.

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Put them all in a saucepan over a lowish heat and mix until everything has melted and dissolved and you have a lovely yellowish grainy-looking mixture.

Melting flapjack ingredients together.

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Add in 250g of oats and mix well until all the oats are coated in the sweet sticky mixture. Tip into a baking tin – I don’t have a proper rectangular one of the appropriate size so I used a round cake tin.

Mix in the oats and put in a tin ready to go in the oven.

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Bake at 180C until it looks golden and lovely. Leave it in the tin until it’s cool because otherwise it’ll just crumble all over the place and don’t go thinking you can tip it out onto a cooling rack – I didn’t take photos of that catastrophe, although once it was all over the worktop, I decided part of the problem was that it was a bit undercooked in the middle so I squished it all back into the tin and put it back.

When it’s cooled and hardened, cut it up. I went for wedges and most of the wedges fell apart. Just these three came out looking ok, so photo!