Going through the old family photos…

Ever since the spectre of retirement began to appear on the horizon, my mum has been saying that she “really must sort out the photographs and put them in albums” (yes, the word “photo” is not in my mother’s vocabulary). She’s been semi-retired, down to four half-days a week for… a year? Two years? Quite a while, anyway, and today the photos finally came out.

We’ve misplaced the ones already in albums. I know there are at least three square albums and at least three of those flip-up ones but we have no idea where they are. So we got out the loose ones and the ones that have been languishing in the envelopes they came home from the chemist in for more than thirty years.

We sorted them out – my photos in one pile, my sister in another and all the others back in the envelopes. The leftovers are mostly photos of Austrian scenery or photos of buses or trains courtesy of my dad. My pile is three or four inches high and now sorted into “child”, “teenager”, “school” and “holiday” and I’ve gone through them and scanned a few for your delectation.

Allow me to present, first of all, a handful of first days at school in assorted uniforms. I think actual first day of school in Reception is in one of the missing albums.

September 1992. First day of junior school. Damn those long blue socks. All the other girls wore ankle-length white ones.
September 1996. First day of secondary school (and I’m sure the original photo wasn’t that blurry). Those are culottes. They lasted less than a week.
First day of year… 8? I remember my tutor measuring that skirt but as I had the same tutor from Year 8 to 11, that doesn’t narrow it down much.
First day of Year 10 or 11. Possibly Year 10, because there’s a matching photo of me with my sister which is probably her first day at secondary school. Our school uniform changed somewhere around Year 9 or 10 from the round-necked pale grey jumper to the v-neck dark blue jumper. These days they’ve got blazers.

Next up comes me as a small child. I was pretty cute as a child and then… less so as a teenager.

Eagle-eyed regular readers may recognise that as my camp blanket long before it had any badges on it. I’m still not 100% convinced that’s me, though.
I like this one, it looks at least semi-professional.
My mum’s cousin’s wedding. The groom’s twin sister wore an enormous frilly 80s concoction in the hottest reddest shade of pink in existence. Incidentally, this is the colour my mum fondly believes my hair would turn back to if I stopped dying it…
A cute and uncharacteristically girly one.
Mummy tries to persuade her baby to paddle. Her baby’s not having it.

And finally, me on my travels from about eight or nine up until my teens. This is my favourite sector because look at some of the things I wore! Look at the shape and size of me!

I like the chunky footwear and shorts look.
Crop tops and tiny shorts: definitely a glacier-appropriate outfit.
Little denim shorts and a re-run of the orange vest top. I look so happy and comfortable.
My sister was taller than me by the time she was eleven and I was fourteen. Here is a brief moment of me being about the right shape and size for a career in modelling.
And take it back a few years to those horrendous striped shorts and me looking fantastic in red.
Yes, the trainers with self-tying lime-green laces finish off the neon floral sundress look perfectly. I actually really like this too.
This is definitely a look to try again as an adult. Quite possibly my favourite out of the whole pile.
And finally, me and Cat in my kitchen in a surprisingly Instagram-worthy blurry darkened moment.