A life update

I’ll get back to normal blogging soon, I promise, but first:

I left my job in March and spent a few weeks unemployed. I didn’t get up to as much as I should have done – no travelling, because I didn’t know how long it would be before I had an income again, and not very much of anything else except making a huge scrapbook with my travel photos from the last eight years. The last couple of weeks were just a wall of back-to-back job interviews and registrations with employment agencies.

But now I have a job! I work in the travel industry, as an accountant (and doesn’t “accountant” make me sound like a proper grown-up with a proper grown-up job?). I don’t get to actually travel, it’s a company that lets out holiday homes, so it’s all about cleaning schedules and lightbulbs and irate clients having difficulties with their Ocado deliveries, but it’s the travel and tourism industry and that makes me happy.

What I don’t like about it is that I work until six o’clock now and it’s fifteen miles away. I know that’s not very much really,but I live in a part of the world where three miles is considered “a bit too much of a trek”. Seriously. I get home so much later than I’m used to, especially on Guide and Ranger nights, when it’s not worth coming home first. Those are long days. But on a good day, I don’t get home until quarter to seven so everything has gone out the window in these first few adjustment weeks. Get home, eat, fall asleep in the bath, glance at Facebook and Twitter on my phone on the way to bed.

I’ll get used to it eventually, get my routine settled. Maybe when I’ve finished my probation, I can ask for my hours to be adjusted. In the meantime, today is for sitting lazily in my big chair, book editing and wishing I could be bothered to drive to Boots to get more scrapbook photos printed. Blogs coming soon. Really soon. I promise.