Swedish chocolate vs Norwegian chocolate

Following on from Swedish chocolate vs Finnish chocolate, now I’m taste-testing Norwegian chocolate as well, because it’s important to know what’s the best chocolate when you’re heading off to the North Pole. These two bars have been sitting out of sight on top of a bookshelf since I got back from Svalbard about six months ago and at last, I feel like actually sampling them.

So we start with Swedish Marabou, a contender from the previous chocolate battle. This isn’t quite the same packaging as last time – this one’s in a nice gold wrapper. The chocolate itself is decorated with an M and the bar is four chunks wide.



In the other corner, we have Norwegian Freia chocolate, a newcomer to the contest. Freia comes in a nice yellow wrapper (like Marabou does when it’s not trying to dress up and look impressive – see Swedish vs Finnish) and its chunks have a ibis on them. It’s just a shade lighter than the Marabou.



And now for the important bit – the taste test.

Well… the Marabou is a bit chunkier and that makes it feel different in my mouth. There’s really not much in it. I know that I like both of them a lot because I’ve already devoured a lot of each on assorted trips and enjoyed it. I think the Freia may be marginally sweeter but I think the Marabou is marginally richer. No, I don’t think I can call this one. Just as I think I’ve decided I prefer one, I taste the other again and decide that I don’t.

I declare this round of the Northern European Chocolate Championships a draw.