Celebrating the Senior Section Spectacular

As a Ranger leader, this is the most exciting year ever! We’re about to turn 100!

Seriously, it’s a big deal. We’re the forgotten section, the unloved section. Here are some numbers, look at us:


We make up less than 3% of young members – actually, that’s horrifying, only 3% are Senior Section? Well, there’s my point made. We’re a teeny tiny section and we do tend to get forgotten. Well, 2016 is our year.

My Rangers are running a birthday party/Thinking Day party for the entire district in February.

In May, we’re going (or at least, I’m going!) to Magic and Mayhem: the Afterparty.

In June we’re going to a region birthday party at Alton Towers.

We’re probably going to give Wellies & Wristbands a miss.

I would love to send a handful of them off to Foxlease to do their Senior Section Permit.

And finally, we have two celebration badges! And both of them are nice looking – the Senior Section challenges for the Big Brownie Birthday badge were all about organising huge serious things and girls that age don’t actually want to be doing big serious things all the time, so these two challenges are lovely.

First, we have the official challenge, Mission Spectacular:


You do one of two special challenges (we’re doing Celebrate, since it fits our birthday party absolutely perfectly) and then three other Octant-themed challenges. I think we’ll get proper information with the next Guiding magazine but it’s available online now.


Second, we have the SWE Senior Section Centenary Challenge, which we’ve been working on since September. Ten challenges, eight based on the each of the Octants and then two more chosen from whichever Octant you like. My lot have taken to the “100 selfies in 100 different locations” from the Creativity Octant – I’m up to 29 and really starting to wonder where to take the other 71.

I’ve opted for Fit For Life’s swim 100 lengths of a pool and walk 100 miles as two of my other nine activities, plus spend 100 hours outside  and camp in each season for Out of Doors so you’ll be seeing plenty of this badge over the next year. I’ll spare you the 100 selfies.