Travel goodies for Christmas

Obviously, my favourite Christmas present was a book token (I love book tokens – I can walk into a bookshop and come out with whatever book I like!) but I did have a couple of handy things for travelling which I’d like to show you.

First, I had a lovely lightweight warm waffle fleece in forest green, which is very nice.

Second, I had this travel pouch and personalised notebook:


I like to keep my documentation separated from everything else, so for the last few years, I’ve had a succession of clear plastic A5 zip-top wallets and they’re fine. I mean, eventually the zip starts to separate itself from the wallet and they do get sticky patches where airline people stick your baggage receipt to it (better than the idiot who stuck it inside my passport!).


But a good solid canvas pouch for all my important bits and things is going to be handy, I think. I’ve already filled it with my passport and the print-outs for January’s trip. It’s a bit bigger than the plastic wallet and I think I plan to fill it with assorted small important bits like phone and keycards and my spare camera battery.

I was looking at Molekine’s travel journal yesterday and although I don’t think it really fits my needs, I’ve had a look at the downloadable templates and used their suggestions to start my notebook – with my name on the front cover! – with a page of personal information, including all my airline club memberships, which are brand new today and therefore very exciting. Why didn’t I join any of these things years ago? That’s lots of points I’ve lost! Page two has my itinerary for the January trip – flight times and numbers and terminals and seats, my Hurtigruten booking. I don’t know how much use I’ll make of it for actually writing in while I’m away but I like the idea of having it as a reference book for that sort of thing.