The Senior Section Spectacular Thinking Day

I’ve been planning for the last year to have my Rangers run Thinking Day in 2016, to celebrate our centenary and although I thought we’d left it a little late, actually, I don’t think we have.

We’ve found a place to hold it – investigated three local halls and picked the one that’s less than half the price of the other two. Now we’ve got to go through with it and the last time I organised a district party was the worst nightmare of my entire life.

We’re going to do activities based on the eight Look Wider Octants, with bases around the hall which the girls can go to at their own pace. My seven Rangers are going to take a base each or in pairs.

Creativity – Instead of having a single birthday cake, the girls are each going to decorate their own cupcake under the supervision of my eldest Ranger.

Fit For Life – my keen Ranger is going to organise an obstacle course.

International – we haven’t decided what yet but I think my two noisiest Rangers are going to run some kind of flag-themed activity.

Independent Living – my two newest Rangers want to make some kind of bamboo birdhouse. I have no idea what they’re talking about but they do and they’re running this show.

Personal Values – Fair Trade tasting, supervised by my ex-shy Ranger.

Leadership – no one needs to supervise this one. I’m going to stick up a big roll of paper labelled “If I were Chief Guide…” and all the girls can write their ideas for what they’d do with Girlguiding if they were in charge.

Community Action – the Rangers have unanimously chosen Macmillan as their charity and we’ll find some way to raise funds. When we did our 2010 20/10 20:10 party everyone brought some pennies and we laid them out over a taped 100 on a big table (we well and truly covered that 100) so maybe we’ll do that, or maybe we’ll tape out a big Trefoil for variety.

Out of Doors – I planned to bring everyone together at about 3pm to do a wide game together, without really taking into account this is anywhere between 50 and 100 girls, although I had realised they range from four-year-old Rainbows up to fourteen-year-old Guides. Since that’s fairly unmanageable numbers, I might adjust that.

This is what we’ve got after one planning meeting and rather than having more big meetings, I want to cover one or two issues for ten minutes or so every week so the girls don’t get bored. We were slightly bullied into organising 2010 20/10 20:10 five years ago and I just couldn’t keep the girls’ interest up long enough to actually do anything. We gave out goodie bags then. I wonder if we can do that again?