Royal Victoria to the Cutty Sark: the mundane way and the fun way

Last weekend, I went to London for the Greenwich Comedy Festival (yes, it was good but the seats were a little uncomfortable – especially for those of us sitting right out at the sides – and I found it a little bit chilly). Greenwich, being out in the east of London, is a difficult place… More Royal Victoria to the Cutty Sark: the mundane way and the fun way

District Activity Day

Our local Guide district runs a volunteer shop, which manages to make a profit and every year, we put that profit back into the district by funding a day out. Usually it pays for a coach for a day trip somewhere – coaches being¬†obscenely expensive but this year we put it towards an activity day… More District Activity Day

The new tent

The new tent is here! It came astonishingly quickly – less than forty-eight hours between ordering online to it popping through the door. New kit is always exciting, even if it’s only a cheap tent. I have a one-man tent I take to Iceland every summer which has to be small enough to fit in… More The new tent

The quest for a new tent

This is my tent. It’s a Eurohike 225 TS which my grandad gave me for my fifteenth or sixteenth birthday, which makes it fourteen or fifteen years old. It’s in more or less perfect condition and up until a year ago, even the pegs were perfect. Last year, my idiot Rangers managed to mix their… More The quest for a new tent

Svalbard preparation

My next big adventure is to Svalbard. In November. I know. I guess I’ve realised that was a bit of a mad idea. So I did some homework. I’m a big believer in doing some research, especially if you’re going somewhere special and there isn’t anywhere more special than Svalbard. What have I learnt? Well,… More Svalbard preparation