The Volcano Adventures – Leirhnjúkur

Last year, Iceland quietly had a massive volcanic eruption that lasted for six months. Hardly anyone outside Iceland heard of it because unlike when Eyjafjallajökull erupted, it didn’t affect anyone else. It was a fissure eruption up in the Highlands that poured lava and poisonous gases and fire fountains for six months and resulted in the… More The Volcano Adventures – Leirhnjúkur


I like to climb a mountain when I’m in Iceland in the summer and although, technically, that didn’t really happen this year (I was kind of slightly really ill the whole time and just didn’t have the energy; plus, there aren’t that many handy climbable mountains in the east), I did find a nice waterfall… More Hengifoss

Mývatn Nature Baths

It’s lunchtime on my thirtieth birthday and I am scurrying down wet slippery wooden steps in a cloud of sulphur, barefoot and shivering. Today I’m spending the afternoon in the Mývatn Nature Baths. The Nature Baths are the smaller, less famous cousin of the Blue Lagoon in the south west of Iceland, situated an hour… More Mývatn Nature Baths

Camping in Iceland

If you’d asked me two weeks ago whether I like camping, I’d have said yes. I do, despite the catastrophic Ranger camp. But I haven’t enjoyed it so much in Iceland. I spent three nights camping in Egilsstaðir. It’s a nice little campsite – just a field, with electricity available if you should desire such a… More Camping in Iceland

Ranger Camp 2015

Before I tell you about camping in Iceland, let’s have a quick recap of Ranger camp the weekend before. We camped on Brownsea Island, which is idyllic but labour intensive. Thirty-five people require a lot of stuff. Every girl had a massive bag and a bedding roll, plus we had eleven tents, crates of food… More Ranger Camp 2015