The Yellow Banana Tent

It looks like I’m going to be doing quite a bit of camping this summer and for none of my trips is it really practical to take my “big” two-man tent. We’re travelling to Guide/Ranger tent by ferry this year – what with Ranger equipment and getting everything on and off the boat, I’m going… More The Yellow Banana Tent

Winter sports: snowshoeing

Snowshoeing was something I’d wanted to try for years. Something about it appealed – tramping across pristine white snow with ease and being as one with my surroundings. Or something like that. But opportunities to try it were few and far between. It’s not really a thing they do in Iceland, and although it was… More Winter sports: snowshoeing

The Volcano Adventures – Inside the Volcano: Þríhnúkagígur

I’ve talked recently about climbing a couple of volcanoes – Esja and Laki – and I’m not out of volcano adventures just yet. Today I’m going inside one. Þríhnúkagígur – that first Þ is a “th” and its name means “Three Peaks Crater” (Þríh – three, núka – peaks, gígur – crater) – is a dormant or extinct volcano… More The Volcano Adventures – Inside the Volcano: Þríhnúkagígur

What happens on Guide camp?

I was poking around the internet in search of some more obscure items on a Guide camp packing list when I stumbled on the question “what actually happens on Guide camp?” It’s something I know very well but parents don’t necessarily and people with no connection to the movement certainly don’t. This about what we do… More What happens on Guide camp?