Year Abroad: Neuchatel

Once upon a time I mentioned that I used to live in Switzerland and today, finally, I’m going to tell you about Neuchâtel, which is where I used to live. Neuchâtel is in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, up in the north west, an hour or so north of Geneva. They’re very proud of themselves for… More Year Abroad: Neuchatel

Longleat: the long post

Yesterday we did a District trip to Longleat – 80-odd of us, ranging from Rainbows (age 4), up to my oldest Ranger (age 21), plus assorted leaders and even two Trefoil Guild members. First stop, the Bat Cave because I like bats and I now love bats. They were so fluffy and so sweet and… More Longleat: the long post

Driving in Iceland

I went to Iceland in the summer and hired a car. I’ve never driven a right hand drive car before and I didn’t really anticipate the first time doing it completely on my own. I picked the car up from the airport and drove it so slowly and haltingly and in such terror the few… More Driving in Iceland

The Great Train Adventure

It’s Saturday and I finally have time to tell this little story. As I mentioned, I was in Finland the other week. I flew into Helsinki on the Tuesday afternoon with the plan to take the train to Rovaniemi on the Arctic Circle on the Wednesday. So off I trundled with my little wheely suitcase… More The Great Train Adventure